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About Us

About Us


One of the largest financial planning practices in Northern Ireland.

We have listened to many clients over the years. They have talked about the challenges of managing their money and the importance of planning wisely for the future. While each client has a different idea about money management, we have learnt that everyone has one thing in common: You know that planning today is crucial for reaching your goals tomorrow, but you are not sure where to begin.

The most important thing you can do to shape your financial future is to have a financial plan. People who have a plan in place tend to save more effectively, feel better about their progress and make more appropriate decisions about how to meet their goals.

You do not have to know the intricacies of financial planning in order to have a sound strategy in place- simply a trusted financial adviser who will point you in the right direction.

That is where Doherty PIC can help. We will work closely with you to develop a financial plan to meet your needs. This can be achieved by assessing your current financial position and identifying your future goals. At this stage we will be able to formulate a personalised strategy, which will identify your priorities and how best your goals may be attained.

This approach can also be applied to our remuneration, which can be tailored to suit individual circumstances.

Ongoing reviews will be necessary to meet changes in your personal circumstances or amendments in legislation.


Professionally Qualified Specialists

Our team is our difference – we have a diverse range of specialist staff offering a breadth of unique skillsets and qualifications. We can offer unrivalled expert advice in a wide range of areas to benefit our clients at any stage in their individual, family or professional lives.

Terry Lappin

Managing Director

Alan Thomson

Director, Chartered Financial Planner

John Dooher

Business Development Director

Gavin Curran

Investment Director

Stephen Cross

Employee Benefits Director

Lorraine Rodgers

Operations Director

Matt Gray

Investment Manager

Jacqui Kyle

Financial Planning Consultant

Connor Lavery

Financial Planning Consultant

Selene Brown

Paraplanning Manager

Alastair Henry

Compliance Manager