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Corporate Services

As a business who cares about their employees, employee benefits are important as it shows the employees that their employer is not only invested in them at present but also for their future. Good employee benefits can help to attract and retain talent.

Attracting, retaining and developing the right people for your business

High quality employee benefit arrangements are becoming as important when attracting skilled staff, as a competitive salary and bonus structure. In addition, employers have a duty of care to employees to take all reasonable steps to maintain, not just their health and safety, but also their well-being; physically, mentally and financially.

Employee Benefit Solutions

Doherty PIC work with business owners every day to help them protect their employees from the unforeseen. Solutions could include:

  • Workplace Pensions
  • Group Life Assurance
  • Group Income Protection
  • Group Critical Illness
  • Group Private Medical Insurance
  • Financial wellbeing and education for employees

Review of existing benefits

Doherty PIC can review your existing employee benefit arrangements to ensure they continue to meet your requirements. Reviewing your employee benefits allows you to maintain a competitive edge, reduce absenteeism, support engagement with employees and above all helps improve employer ‘value spend’. We believe that access to independent advice and guidance, for both the employer and its employees is vital.

Workplace Pensions

Widespread pension reform over the last number of years has impacted all employers. Doherty PIC can advise on new and existing schemes, and either implement a new qualifying workplace pension scheme, or recommend improvements to an existing scheme, such as salary exchange. We will ensure that, not only do you meet the government’s requirements, but that you also maximise the flexibility and choices for your employees. We can also assist with the on-going running of your scheme.

Salary exchange was often overlooked in the rush to comply with the Government’s strict deadlines, but can offer substantial savings for both you and/or your employees, via reduced National Insurance contributions.

Doherty PIC can also provide bespoke investment portfolios for individual scheme members, along with retirement counselling and the full range of financial planning for your employees.

As fully regulated and independent financial advisers, Doherty PIC: –

  • Can advise on financial products from the whole market, allowing us to give you the very best advice and solutions specifically tailored for your organisation
  • Work with all manner of corporate clients ranging from sole traders to FTSE 100 companies
  • Have specialist knowledge and experience in providing bespoke financial solutions