Unique Investment Philosophy

Unique Investment Philosophy

Unique Investment Philosophy

Unique Investment Philosophy

We aim to help clients cut through the noise and confusion around investing and follow solid fundamentals which lead to consistent, successful outcomes.

Our Investment Advice

We work with our clients and aim to guide them to the investment solutions that best fit their needs. Our long-term view and focus on fundamentals have consistently delivered excellent results across our range of portfolios.

One of the key reasons for this, we believe, is our strict no-nonsense approach. We build and review portfolios with the aim of them withstanding political and economic swings and doing their jobs consistently for the long term. The result is a robust investment process that really adds up in our clients’ favour.

Our clients, like us are here for the long term, our focus is on getting the fundamentals right and following time-tested investment principles.

Discretionary Fund Management Service

At Doherty Pension & Investment Consultancy Ltd (Doherty PIC Ltd) we recognise the need to monitor investments on a regular basis and our Discretionary Fund Management Service offers an active and timely portfolio management service, allowing our Investment Team to take the responsibility for making all investment decisions within your portfolio, in line with your objectives and attitude to risk.

Choosing our Discretionary Fund Management Service allows your Investment Manager to take responsibility for the day-to-day decision-making on your portfolio, deciding where to invest and when to buy or sell.

This service is designed for clients who wish their Financial Planning Consultant to take responsibility
for all their investment decisions from the construction of their portfolio and on a daily basis from then on. This gives you peace of mind knowing your portfolio is being looked after in line with your future plans and attitude towards risk so that you can focus on other aspects of your life.

    Our Discretionary Fund Management Service is driven by a detailed fund research and selection        process.

Portfolio Ranges

Our investment offerings are researched, designed and reviewed regularly by our specialist investment department with the aim of optimising returns while managing volatility and risk.

Active and Passive

Our investment team can choose from the whole of the market to find the best fund offerings available. We make use of the reliability and low cost of passive investing where appropriate, and offer a suite of fully passive investments, which track market indices such as the FTSE All-Share and S&P 500 at an extremely low cost for clients wishing to reduce costs to a minimum.

In other ranges we either blend this with, or exclusively use actively managed funds – designed to invest in only the best businesses and outperform the market average. Where we do so we review our selections regularly and seek funds with consistent outperformance and solid fundamentals, avoiding speculative or needlessly high-risk investments.

Responsible Portfolios

Responsible Investing is a philosophy we strongly believe in. This emboldens clients to invest their assets with the aim of supporting strong businesses which make positive changes in the world via environmental, social or governance policies. Many of the resulting portfolio companies are market leaders in their own right – therein lies their ability to lead the way toward better business practices – and we have seen these companies outperform substantially since we launched this strategy in 2017.

With our investment management, being a responsible investor doesn’t mean sacrificing returns – in fact it could mean boosting them.

*Risk Warnings….

Your investment may fall as well as rise and you may not get back what you put in